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In 2014, we released The Happy Pear cookbook, published by Penguin.  It’s taken The Happy Pear far beyond Greystones and into Irish kitchens, and beyond further afield. and We’re so chuffed that it’s remained on the Irish hardback, nonfiction bestseller list ever since its release.

Our cookbook came about following repeated requests from customers for recipes and cooking tips.  Everyone we know wants to be healthy and feed their families wholesome food but the problem is that many people don’t really know how.  Our book is about shows you how to do this and it contains a hundred or so (whittled down from over 250) plant-based recipes for eating well from David and Stephen’s real lives.


It’s written in a practical and non preachy way to inspire everyone who reads it to give eating more veg a go.  It also boasts a helpful toolkit featuring certain ingredients, tips and techniques that are the backbone of The Happy Pear way of cooking.

But it’s even more than a collection of recipes – it’s also a soulful account of The Happy Pear’s first ten years in business, and David and Stephen’s personal journey with food and how they fell in love with a plant-based diet and never looked back!