There are just weeks to go until the release of our new cookbook, Recipes for Happiness, and we want to find out what makes YOU happy!

We’re running a month-long #MyRecipeforHappiness competition, where you have the chance to win a copy of our new book and a Happy Pear goodie bag worth €100! To be in with a chance of winning, simply take a snap of what makes you happy, post it on either Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, and tag us, using the hashtag #MyRecipeforHappiness.

For us, happiness is all about food, movement, and managing our heads. Throughout the month of April, we are chatting with a some well-known faces, to find out all about what makes them happy; their ‘happy’ food, what they do to keep balanced, and more. This week, we caught up with Today FM DJ, Alison Curtis!

What is your recipe for happiness?

Having my life as decluttered as possible! This includes my house, my to-do list, and my mind. I try to tackle one thing at a time. Another part of the recipe for me, is to constantly remind myself of the things I am thankful for.

What is your favourite ‘happy’ dish?

I do love my pasta! One of my favourite go-to dishes is simply whole wheat pasta, with peas, broccoli, mushrooms, lots of garlic, salt, pepper, and olive oil. Yum! I also make hummus most afternoons to have on rice cakes with cherry tomatoes on top.

What is your favourite motivational account on Instagram?

It depends on the day! Some days, I get motivation from a food account or an interiors account, or a designer. I follow a lot of people but love The Happy Pear, and Mississippi Vegan and Stacey Eats Veg are also great for food ideas. I love the Gaff Interiors girls for home ideas too.

How do you stay balanced in life?

I think everyone feels that they could make improvements here and there. I find that if I am really good at getting one part of my life in order, like my diet for example, something else might slip. The trick is not to be hard on yourself and to set little achievable goals each day that make you happy.

Who is your happiness role model?

I have a cousin named Curtis (his surname is not Curtis by the way!) and he has absolutely got life balance right. He is more like an older brother to my sister and I, and he really enjoys every moment and every thing. He appreciates all that he has and he is so dedicated to everyone in his life. He has been a role model to me since day one!
Now it’s over to you! Tell us what makes you happy by using the hashtag #MyRecipeforHappiness to be one of five lucky winners of our new cookbook and €100 worth of free goodies! T&C apply and 5 lucky winners will be announced at the beginning of May. You can pre-order a copy of the book with 32{0fe481e5d5419c51b4aab10bdf48162bddb47a23ae853c043333d0d149f928c3} off by clicking here

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