We’re super excited that our annual Apple Pie Baking Competition is on Sunday 11th October (from 2 – 4pm) at The Happy Pear, Church Road. This year will be our 9th year! It’s always a fun family event to celebrate the apple harvest.

This event came about after locals were bringing us their surplus Cooking Apples. A few people who availed of them said they used them to make Apple Pies and we thought why not make it into a Competition. We have a variety of judges from all ages deciding who has the winning Apple Pie. In previous years there were many entries from children so we now have a special kids section. The winner gets a voucher for the Happy Pear Café and attendees get a chance to taste the yummy Apple Pie entries and other apple delights. It’s a great community event of baking, seasonal fruit and music to welcome autumn.

In the meantime why not try our great recipe for a healthier apple pie. It’s dairy free, gluten free and refined sugar free and it tastes absolutely rocking!  Click here to watch the recipe that all the family will love.

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