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CRANBERRY SAUCE IN 5 MINS Having a good cranberry sauce is essential for any Christmas dinner – be it vegan, vegetarian or otherwise! This is an insanely easy recipe and ideal for anyone looking to save themselves a few minutes on the big day. Note:...

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Guest Recipe: Currabinny’s Kale Pesto

This is the Currabinny boys' third contributing recipe and, as pesto-addicts, we can affirm that it is an essential at the house around Christmas time for dips, pastas, soups and sandwiches! Never tried a Kale, Cashew & Wakame pesto? Well now's your chance.  KALE,...

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Guest Post: Miss Fit Vegan

“But where do you get your protein?!” is the first question most vegans get asked. Tell a non-vegan you’re a plant-based athlete and watch their face turn into a look of massive confusion. How can it be that a vegan can excel as an athlete, make major gains, and build...

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10 Reasons to Get Your Protein from Plants

Instagram | Twitter @veg_MD MICHELLE MCMACKEN, MD Protein is often equated with meat, eggs, and dairy, but in fact, we can – and science says we should – get the protein we need from legumes, whole grains, vegetables, and other plant-based foods.  Here are the top 10...

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Rozanna Purcell’s Coconut Caramel Half Moons

This week the wonderful Roz Purcell was kind enough to share the recipe for her (very addictive) Coconut Caramel Half Moon bites with us. These are definately must-try for anyone who considers themselves a bit "nuts" for the old coconut! INGREDEINTS Coconut layer 200g...

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Apple Pie Baking Competition, 11th October

We're super excited that our annual Apple Pie Baking Competition is on Sunday 11th October (from 2 - 4pm) at The Happy Pear, Church Road. This year will be our 9th year! It's always a fun family event to celebrate the apple harvest. This event came about after locals...

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