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10 Reasons to Get Your Protein from Plants

Meet our lovely friend Dr. Michelle Mc Macken on this weeks blog as she talks about protein and plants! Michelle McMacken, MD Protein is often equated with meat, eggs, and dairy, but in fact, we can – and science says we should – get the protein we need from legumes,...

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10 Tips to Help Your Kids Love Veg

 "I love the calming rhythm of chopping veg and transforming them into good food that will nourish my gang." On this weeks blog we talk with Ruth Delahunty, the amazing woman behind Yogaru and a busy mum of 3! Ruth is a plant powered advocate and joins us to share her...

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We talk baby steps for change on Plant Based News

We're all imperfect humans trying to do our best and I think it doesn't have to be an all or nothing thing "We're all a species on this planet, we're all imperfect humans trying to do our best and I think it doesn't have to be an all or nothing thing," "It's about...

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Learn the language of food and get freedom in the kitchen. Cooking without a recipe is a very freeing experience, you’re in total control and your instincts and taste buds get to take over and you get to create a dish suited specifically to you. We learned early on...

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Our top 5 tips to embracing cold water swimming!

Cold water swimming will change your life! Join our #SWIMRISE community! Our interest in sunrises started when Dave’s elder daughter, Elsie, was a baby. Dave used to be out on the empty streets of Greystones in the early hours trying to walk her back to sleep. One...

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Our Easter Opening Hours

      Drop in for an Easter feast this weekend.  Check out our opening hours in all 3 cafes so we make sure we catch you! Church Road Friday, 19th April - 9am - 6pm Saturday, 20th April - 9am - 6pm Sunday, 21st April - 9am - 4pm Monday, 22nd April - 9am...

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Our 5 top tips for better energy levels

The fast pace of modern-day living means that many of us are in a constant battle against tiredness. If you find yourself relying on coffee and biscuits to get yourself through the day, then it might be time to think about how you can better manage your energy levels....

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Butternut Massaman Curry by The Doctor’s Kitchen

Transform your “Meatless Monday” to a “Massaman Monday” with this super tasty Butternut Massaman Curry from Dr. Rupy of The Doctor’s Kitchen! Flavour-packed, slow-cooked dishes are the simplest yet most satisfying and comforting meals. It takes on the spices really...

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