Food at The Happy Pear
Food at The Happy Pear
Food at The Happy Pear
Fruit and Vegetable illustration

Our Café, Shop & Bakery - Church Road Greystones

The Happy Pear began in our Greystones shop, in 2004. Dave and Steve had a dream of making the world a healthier and happier place, and they started by opening a simple fruit and veg shop in their hometown.

Their passion for plant-based food led them to open the cafe a year later, and now, 14 years on, the shop and cafe continue to be a hub of community, delicious plant-based food, and positivity, for locals and visitors alike

Food at The Happy Pear

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Food at The Happy Pear
Food at The Happy Pear
David and Stephen Flynn

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Opening Hours

Monday | 8am - 6pm

Tuesday | 8am - 6pm

Wednesday| 8am - 6pm

Thursday | 8am - 6pm

Friday | 8am - 6pm

Saturday | 8am - 6pm

Sunday | 8am - 6pm

Food at The Happy Pear

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Food at The Happy Pear
Food at The Happy Pear
Food at The Happy Pear

We know that the hardest part about healthy eating is the preparation so all our food is available to take away.All hot food and salads are available to take away in our cafes and all our takeaway packaging is 100% compostable.

We also have a range of your favourite dishes available as meals you can pick up from the fridge in the shop to cook at home! We don’t take orders over the phone so pop in to order and we’ll have your food ready to go within 15 minutes!

Fruit and Vegetable illustration

Gain confidence in the kitchen & start to cook delicious plant based food

Lower your cholesterol and blood pressure, improve your heart health

Improve your digestion, reduce bloating & boost your immune system

Rediscover your skins health and become confident inside and out

Become confident with your shape & body with no calorie counting

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