This week, in our Friends of The Happy Pear series, we catch up with TV3 presenter, Deric Ó h’Artagáin, to find out about his passion for life, love of fitness, and quest for tranquillity. Recently (and hilariously), because of #Brollygate on Ireland AM, Deric has become something of an internet viral sensation, with over 10 million online hits worldwide!! Deric is also a keen Ironman athlete and outdoor enthusiast, so we wanted to find out all about his training secrets and how he keeps in tip top shape. Thanks, Deric, for taking the time to chat!

Tell us about your morning routine, Deric?

I’m an early riser and always kick-start my day with some morning meditation and stretching. If I’m not on air, on TV3’s Ireland AM, I’ll get an open water sunrise sea swim session in across Dublin bay.

What is your favourite meal of the day?

For me, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. I normally have uncooked oats with water, fruit and berries, with a cup of matcha green tea with lemon & ginger; a great way to cleanse the system.

Keeping fit is obviously a big part of your life. What is your fitness routine?

As a triathlete and Ironman, I work out every day. For me, it’s a lifestyle choice, rather than a chore. I hit the gym 4/5 times a week for strength and conditioning, sea swim and cycle twice a week, and round it off with flexibility and core work at Platinum Pilates. I also enjoy snowboarding, kite-surfing and gymnastics.

What do you recommend to help people stay motivated when it comes to exercising and keeping fit?

Give yourself a small target and aim for it. Stick to a plan and complete it. Over time, grow your goals and take on bigger challenges.

Do you get the chance to cook much? What is your favourite meal to cook?

I love a good, healthy, Thai green veg curry, cooked from scratch, with market-fresh ingredients. I normally make a big pot of it so I can store it in the freezer for a quick fix when I’m on the go!

How do you look after your mental health?

In recent years, I’ve taken more time for me. The media and social media world can be quite consuming but I always try to strike a healthy balance. In addition to meditation, I listen to a lot of classical music to relax and unwind. Yoga is also on my to-do list.

How do you look after your mental health?

I always focus on doing what makes me happy and being the best version of myself. I do meditation and journaling to really focus my mind daily.

How important is sleep to you?

Sleep is hugely important. 4.30am breakfast show starts do take their toll on your body, so I tend to hit the hay at 9.30pm. I’m quite rigid about it. I also try to get a thirty-minute siesta during the day, to reboot my system if I’m on the go early.

Is eating healthily important to you and why?

Hugely important, especially as I’m constantly training and competing in races around the country. I consume a lot of green and root vegetables, and get most of my dietary requirements from them. There are so many great alternative cookbooks out there now to inspire you in the kitchen! I’m a big fan of the Happy Pear cookbook series.  

What are your top three health and fitness tips?

Cut out sugar from your diet, reduce your alcohol intake, and find yourself a good training buddy; it makes it a whole lot easier and a lot more enjoyable!

Now for our quick fire round of questions! Where we grill our guests on a variety of topics to get to know them a little more!..

Our Happy Pear Happy Hummus or Sweet Beet Hummus?

You just can’t beat some Sweet Beet hummus. I’m licking my lips as I write this!

Who is your biggest inspiration?

I always look to the silver screen, so Irish legends and home-grown talent like Terry Wogan, Graham Norton and Gay Byrne, would greatly influence me.

What is your coffee order?

I’m more of a tea man but I do also enjoy raw fruit and veg juices.

If you were a fruit or vegetable what would you be?

A peach …because my ass looks like one! Cheeky!

Our Happy Pear Country Veg soup or Tomato Red Pepper and Basil Soup?

I’m a big fan of the Tomato Red Pepper and Basil soup; it’s mouth-watering!

Do you have a nickname?

No, but I’m open to suggestions!

What is the one thing you can’t live without?

My partner and cats!

Where is your favourite place on earth?

As a lover of the great outdoors, it has to be either Glendalough in Co.Wicklow or Erris in North Mayo; raw, rugged and outrageously beautiful.  

What is your greatest fear?

Growing old alone; but I plan on tackling that by retiring on a cruise ship!

Our Happy Pear Tiffin Bar, Raw Energy Bar or Chia Mulberry Bar?

I haven’t tasted any yet but I’m on a chia seed binge at the moment!

What are some words of wisdom that you follow?

In the race to be the best, do not forget the joy of being!
Thanks Deric! If you would like to keep up with what Deric is up to, catch him live on Ireland AM,  Monday to Friday 7-10.30AM on TV3 or check him out on Instagram @deric_tv3 and on Youtube, Deric Ó hArtagáin.