Happy Heart Course

Get healthier & lower your cholesterol in 4 weeks

We have been running Happy Heart courses here at the Happy Pear for over 5 years now and have had over 2000 people do our courses. There has been an average drop in total cholesterol of 20% among those who stuck to the program and many people have lost over 1 stone/14kg many lost more. The main focus of the Happy Heart course is to simply get you healthier through changing your diet by eating more veg, whole-foods and less of the processed and animal based foods. It is also about helping you become aware of what you eat. The Happy Heart course gets fantastic results time and time again. "We have a number of classroom 4-week happy hearth courses as well as some one night crash courses to health lined up on these coming months in various locations, including Greystones and our very first Happy Hearth course in the Dublin city centre (see below for a complete list). Check out our Online Course for those who can’t make it to our classes.

Happy Heart Course Testimonial

Co-author of the bestseller “The China Study”

“The twins, David and Stephen Flynn, chefs by profession, have developed a program that is clearly the future of health and the practice of medicine. It really is an extraordinary story whose time has come.” Lead scientist on the effects of diet on disease Dr. T Colin Campbell
Happy Heart Course Testimonial

Author of Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease

“Twin chefs, David and Stephen Flynn have developed a delicious, oil free plant based eating program. For those who transition to this lifestyle it will be the end of the heart disease, obesisty, hypertension, diabetes, stroke, and a host of other common chronic killing diseases. It is a revolution for all.” The Man behind Bill Clintons move to a plant based diet Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn

During the course, you will be able to understand the impact of diet in your life more clearly. You will also be able to reflect on your own dietary choices and learn about more healthy alternatives. You will receive detailed notes and will also get a chance to taste several of the tasty and healthy happy hearth recipes during the course and take over 50 recipes to home. There will be weekly suggestions of meal plans with a shopping-list and recipes for each day to make this course work much easier for you. Attending these 4-week courses is a brilliant as it makes it much easier to achieve what you want when you are within community of a like-minded people to help and encourage you.
By the end of this course, you will hopefully be more aware of how important the food you eat is You will be able to make better food choices for your health at home and when eating out. You will feel healthier, have more energy and feel better in yourself.

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Happy Heart Course Testimonial
"My cholesterol dropped from 8.6 – 4.8, I lost almost 19kgs" Brian Larkin, 36
Happy Heart Course Testimonial
"After three weeks my cholesterol is down from 6.7 to 5.2" Siobhan Hanley, 59