On this weeks blog we chat with Fresh Resolutions and University of Life founder Jamie White on happiness, Fresh Resolutions and new year plans. We are so excited to be at Fresh Resolutions again this January 3rd, 2020 where Dave and Steve will be speaking and our fab team of pears will be providing all of the food. Get ready for a great day out and we’re giving 25% off early bird tickets until the 31st of October.

Click here to sign up for Fresh Resolutions 2020 and use the code HAPPYPEAR at checkout to get 25% off.

Now let’s hear it from the founder of Fresh Resolutions, Jamie White:

For me Fresh Resolutions is a real passion project and something I’m so proud to do and to host together with The Happy Pear. It comes at a really beautiful time, the start of the year when people are most ambitious for themselves, most open to change for the better and thats exactly what we want to compliment through this event.

January is a special time, its the start of the year and things are still relatively quiet so we should all use it wisely. Take some time for yourself, literally book it in now because you know yourself, things will get booked up, you’ll get dragged in every direction and before you know it the time will be gone.

Use this time to reflect on the year passed, what you’re proud of and what you’re perhaps not so proud of, what you did and what you could have done better but most importantly what you learned and what you can apply for going forward. Think of what you want from your year ahead and who you want to be within it.

When you’re doing this, perhaps break the areas of your life down in to their various spaces, for example sake your love life, your diet, your career etc. Life can be quite daunting when you look at it all together but if you break it down in to its various key areas it can be much easier to see thing for how they are and how or where you might improve. At Fresh Resolutions for examples sake we’ve six keynotes, centred around very specific areas of life, such Health & Vitality, Financial Wellness, Career Growth, Love & Relationships, Personal Leadership and so on.

I do this myself to a point of almost madness but I love it. I break myself away from the world over the Christmas holidays to reflect on the year passed, the lessons learned and my ambitions for the year ahead. Whats that beautiful saying? “A dream written down becomes a goal, a goal broken down in to steps becomes a plan, a plan backed by action becomes a reality”. Thats exactly it.

Now as ambitious as we are for ourselves, I really believe its so important to get the support of others behind what it is that we want for ourselves. I’ve found myself so much more focused and driven when I’ve shared my ambitions with others or perhaps employed professional help. We should never be ashamed to get professional help, whether its a coach in the gym, a career guidance councillor, a financial consultant, a therapist or other. Their specific experience applied to your wants can make dramatic differences.

Thats something I’ve actually learned the hard way, I’ve struggled with issues for months only for an expert to solve the problem in minutes. Thats not something to give out about, but more so to learn from. Thats why at this years Fresh Resolutions we’ve bringing together a team of expert life coaches, addiction experts, career consultants, dieticians etc. who’ll be there on the day to support attendees in overcoming whatever obstacles they might uncover or goals they might have on a one to one basis.

Most importantly, as you ambitiously plan out your year ahead and goal set, don’t forget to be kind and set rewards too. If you’re going to push for more from youself, don’t forget to reward yourself also. Thats half the fun for me, I anchor a lot of the things I like to do and enjoy on to the things I need to do or have to get through. Its a bit of a light a the end of the tunnel so to speak.

Thats a big part of this Fresh Resolutions, its a genuinely nice day out too. I feel that if people are going to take a day out to really work hard and invest into themselves, it’d important to do it in a beautiful warm setting and so we chose Dublin Castle which is just outstanding and why we partnered with The Happy Pear. Conference food is more normally horrific, at Fresh Resolutions guests arrive in to a warm Happy Pear breakfast at the start, break midday for a beautiful lunch and enjoy delicious snacks, tea’s, coffees and juices throughout the day. All of which is included within the price of tickets, so theres no hidden costs. Hidden costs at events like these wreck my buzz!

Anyways, we’d love to help support you in kicking off 2020 strong and hope to see you there!

Click here to sign up for Fresh Resolutions 2020 and use the code HAPPYPEAR at checkout to get 25% off.

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