“Understanding the Menopause: Navigating the Physical and Emotional Changes with Our Expert Course”

The menopause starts when a woman has no period for a full 12 months. The typical age a women starts the menopause is age 51. The period before menopause when some menopause symptoms might begin or when their might be some inconsistency in the regularity of your period is called the perimenopause. The menopause can be a challenging time in a women’s life but it does not need to be the case. As hormone levels drop, primarily oestrogen, women may experience symptoms such as hot flushes, night sweats, weight gain, difficulty sleeping and mood swings. These symptoms, along with the increased risk of certain health conditions such as heart disease and dementia, can make the menopause a difficult time. However, with the right support and facts, women can navigate this period with ease and emerge stronger and healthier.

Overview of the Menopause

Menopause is a natural biological process that marks the end of a woman’s reproductive years. It typically occurs between the ages of 45 and 55 with the average being somewhere around 51, although it can occur earlier or later. During this time, the ovaries stop producing eggs and the production of oestrogen and other hormones decreases. 

What There is to Learn about the Menopause

The menopause is a complex process that involves many factors, including hormonal changes, genetics, lifestyle, and environmental factors. Women who understand the menopause and how it affects their bodies can better manage its symptoms and improve their overall health and well-being and even thrive during this period of their live. This can include learning about lifestyle changes such as exercise and diet, as well as effective treatments for specific symptoms such as hot flushes, sleep disturbances, and mood swings.

There are also important health considerations related to the menopause, such as the increased risk of certain conditions such as heart disease, osteoporosis, and type 2 diabetes. Understanding these risks and taking steps to mitigate them, such as getting regular check-ups and adopting healthy lifestyle practices can help women maintain good health as they age.

Why Our Course Can Help

The Happy Menopause course is a 4 week course fronted up by Dr. Nitu Bajekal, Senior Consultant Gynaecologist and other medical professionals. It is designed to help women understand the menopause and empower them to make lifestyle changes to help them to thrive during this period of transition. It includes the learnings from real experts to help you to better deal with the often negative symptoms. 

The course will give you the facts about menopause and debunk many of the myths. It gives you meal plans to start to cook and eat as well as hundreds of delcious recipes. There are daily live classes for you to join as well as so much more. Whether you are experiencing symptoms of the menopause or are simply looking for information and support, our course has something to offer.

We understand that the menopause can be a confusing and overwhelming time, but with the right support and education, women can come through it feeling stronger and more confident. The Happy Menopause Course is here to help you to thrive during this period and to make the most of it. We look forward to helping you on your journey.

By David and Stephen Flynn

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Led by Senior Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist Dr. Nitu Bajekal, this course offers expert insights into managing menopause symptoms and maintaining hormonal health. With Dr. Nitu's extensive clinical experience and practical advice, you'll gain the knowledge and tools to thrive during this significant life stage.

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Dr Nitu Bajekal

Dr. Nitu Bajekal is a Senior Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist based in the UK, boasting over 35 years of clinical experience in reproductive and women's health. Renowned for her expertise and compassionate care, Dr. Nitu has dedicated her career to improving the health and well-being of women. She is also the co-author of "Living PCOS Free," a practical guide that empowers women to regain hormonal health and manage Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) effectively. Her extensive knowledge and commitment to patient education make her a leading figure in the field of women's health.

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I went from being really active to getting out of bed and everything hurts. I had terrible fatigue, soreness, joint pains and heart palpitations; and I didn't want to do Hormone Replacement Therapy. Then I found The Happy Menopause Course. The content is great, Dr. Nitu is wonderful, The Happy Pear Recipes are so practical, so simple and so tasty (the Lemon Meringue Crunch bars are off the charts!). This course is the perfect way to support your body, move it more, and keep it healthy. I've adopted so many positive habits, and I went from feeling 48% to 110%."