There are just days to go until the release of our new cookbook, Recipes for Happiness, and we want to find out what makes YOU happy!

Our #MyRecipeforHappiness competition is in full swing, and there is still time to enter for the chance to win a copy of our new book and a Happy Pear goodie bag worth €100! Simply take a snap of what makes you happy, post it on either Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, and tag us, using the hashtag #MyRecipeforHappiness.

For us, happiness is all about food, movement, and managing our heads. This week, we are chatting with TV presenter, Lucy Kennedy, all about what makes her happy; her ‘happy’ food, what she does to keep balanced, and more!

What is your recipe for happiness?

My recipe for happiness is my three beautiful children. No matter what kind of day I’m having, they always make me smile.

What is your favourite ‘happy’ dish?

Homemade lasagne and chips. Maybe with some coleslaw. I am Garfield!

What is your favourite motivational account on Instagram?

I love the hashtag #Foodporn on Instagram!

How do you stay balanced in life?

I am a Taurus, so I’m naturally calm and balanced, but one of my favourite things to do is yoga. It’s the only time each week when I can’t talk!

Who is your happiness role model?

My happiness role models are my favourite twins in the world; Dave and Stephen. I genuinely love those two. They emanate positivity.

Now it’s over to you! Tell us what makes you happy by using the hashtag #MyRecipeforHappiness to be one of five lucky winners of our new cookbook and €100 worth of free goodies! T&C apply and 5 lucky winners will be announced at the beginning of May. You can pre-order a copy of the book with 32{0fe481e5d5419c51b4aab10bdf48162bddb47a23ae853c043333d0d149f928c3} off by clicking here

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