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Quick & delicious, vegan friendly recipes designed to help you lose weight, skyrocket your energy & feel amazing!

Vegan Bhaji Burger | Feburgerary With EpiveganHere’s a super tasty recipe for you to try as the perfect #Fakeaway dinner! Brett aka Epivegan is back in the kitchen taking part in our Feburgerary series with this epic burger from his new book What Vegans Eat!
Falafel Burger | FeburgeraryVeganuary 2019 is done and dusted so we thought we’d make a new series for you all! Welcome to Feburgerary, we’re going to make an original vegan burger twice a week for the month of February! This week is one dear to our hearts, we love falafels so much so it had to be the first burger we made.
Oil-free Onion BhajisOur oil-free onion bhajis are perfect to make for friends and family and will give you an appetite for how tasty oil free cooking can be! If you are looking for more oil-free inspiration, we have over 50 oil-free recipes on our 4-week online Happy Heart course! Our course has helped people to lose weight, boost their health, and perk up their energy levels! It’s packed with weekly meal plans, shopping lists, tips for healthy eating on the go, and much more!
Ultimate Vegan OmeletteA vegan omelette is a great lunch idea it’s like the ultimate savoury pancake. This one is packed full of seasoning and is fully customisable to suite your taste. It’s a great way to get veg into your meals for you or kids or just anyone who doesn’t like veg all that much. We’ll hopefully be making more videos about delicious filling combinations soon.
Pizza PudaIf you were lucky enough to get Jasmines book for Christmas you might have seen how delicious this pizza looks. Such an inventive way to make the base and Jasmine is a gorgeous person we loved spending the day with her.
The Happy Pear Vegan SamosaVegan SamosaDave was at a friends birthday party recently and he was introduced to how easy vegan samosas are to make. Next thing you know he’s having them for lunch every second day so we decided to share them with you. Variety is the spice of life.
The Happy Pear Easy Mexican BeansEasy Mexican BeansCooking for yourself when you go to college can be daunting, this recipe is a super simple and really cheap one to have handy. It tastes even better the next day and it’ll last in the fridge for 3-4 days.
The Happy Pear 3 Epic Vegan Pasta Sauces3 Epic Vegan Pasta SaucesWe’ve noticed that you all love pasta dishes so we decided to shoot a video on some delicious sauces. These are so easy and taste incredible but they’ll also make you look like a pro in the kitchen.
The Happy Pear Vegan Cheese ToastyVegan Cheese ToastyWe are all aware the summer is winding down and the evenings will be getting shorter, what better to combat this than one of our childhood comfort foods. The humble cheese toasty… The food equivalent of a big warm blanket and hug.
The Happy Pear One Pot Wonder: RisottoOne Pot Wonder: RisottoCheck out our recipe video for delicious risotto, this is so cheap and super easy to make we bought all the ingredients in SuperValu and cost us less that €4!!!!
The Happy Pear Vegan Sloppy JoesVegan Sloppy JoesWe’re channelling our inner summer-camp-dinner-lady with these seriously juicy “Sloppy Joe” burgers! Full of flavour, but probably not ideal for a first date… We advise you invest in a bib for this one!
The Happy Pear Pad ThaiPad ThaiPad Thai in 5 minutes could be one of our new favourite dinners, give it a try for yourself. Super quick and this feeds 3 people very substantially!
The Happy Pear Vegan MayonnaiseVegan MayonnaiseSeptember is sandwich month for a lot of people as they go back to school and college routines, this vegan mayo is the ultimate condiment for your sandwich season! Let us know what you think.
The Happy Pear Vegan BurgersVegan BurgersWe’re taking our 5 minute dinners to a whole other level with these delish burgers, they’re so meaty and filling. It’s all about the toppings too so let us know what you put on yours! Sorry we don’t have a written recipe for this! We’re currently working on an updated and improved version which will feature in our new book (to be launched in Spring 2018)… So please bear with us until then! Thanks a mill, Dave & Steve xxx
The Happy Pear Homemade FlatbreadHomemade FlatbreadYou can use any leftovers you have and turn these flatbreads into tasty snacks! We use garlic pesto, tomato pesto, olives, feta cheese and pine nuts in our flat breads! Mmmm…
The Happy Pear Veggie HotdogVeggie HotdogHere’s our super tasty veg-dog! These parsnip, basil and cheddar sausages are perfect for lunch or dinner!
The Happy Pear Potato & Bean BurgerPotato & Bean BurgerWe recently teamed up with the super Johnny from The Craft Beer Channel to make the Ultimate Veggie burger – packs a serious punch and pairs well with (and without) craft beer! This recipe is bursting with flavour and makes 6 burgers, perfect for Summer barbecues or a quick and easy dinner option!
The Happy Pear RamenRamenThis super easy ramen noodle recipe is perfect for the budget-conscious college student. It’s simple, comforting and can be throw together in just 5 minutes. Happy cooking!
Vegan Mince PiesEvery year more and more houses have a vegetarian or vegan sitting at the Christmas table, it can be stressful for the cook who has only ever had to serve one diet as there’s a bit of change in the ritual that is Christmas dinner. BUT WE’RE HERE TO HELP!!

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