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Quick & delicious, vegan friendly recipes designed to help you lose weight, skyrocket your energy & feel amazing!
Oil-free Onion BhajisOur oil-free onion bhajis are perfect to make for friends and family and will give you an appetite for how tasty oil free cooking can be! If you are looking for more oil-free inspiration, we have over 50 oil-free recipes on our 4-week online Happy Heart course! Our course has helped people to lose weight, boost their health, and perk up their energy levels! It’s packed with weekly meal plans, shopping lists, tips for healthy eating on the go, and much more!
Vegan MayonnaiseSeptember is sandwich month for a lot of people as they go back to school and college routines, this vegan mayo is the ultimate condiment for your sandwich season! Let us know what you think.
SauerkrautHere’s part 2 of our fermenting series. We’re making sauerkraut under the guidance of the wonderful April Danann. This is like exercise for your gut, it improves digestion and fills your body with healthy bacteria.This is great for your gut health and it can pack some heat too if you leave the seeds in your chili!
Sourdough BreadSteve has been working a lot lately with sourdough culture and making bread so we decided we’d share some of the knowledge with you. Let us know if you have any tips!

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