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Quick & delicious plant based recipes for healthier & happier living!
Vegan Cheese ToastyWe are all aware the summer is winding down and the evenings will be getting shorter, what better to combat this than one of our childhood comfort foods. The humble cheese toasty… The food equivalent of a big warm blanket and hug.
Vegan ParmesanThis epic parmesan cheese recipe comes from Julie Piatt’s (@srimati) new book – “This Cheese is Nuts” The perfect topping for pastas, salads and really anything else you’d like!
Vegan Red CheddarThis vegan red cheddar is from Julie Piatt’s (@srimati) new book – “This Cheese is Nuts” Super delicious served with crackers, on its own or in a sandwich!
Vegan FetaVegan Feta Cheese, is easier to make than you think, and so much tastier that you’d imagine. It’s a perfect addition to any salad, sandwich or even pizza!
One Pot Wonder: RatatouilleRatatouille is a delicious belly warmer with a name fancy enough to impress anyone you cook for. This one cooks itself, once you have everything in the pan Mr. Oven does the rest.
Vegan Sloppy JoesWe’re channelling our inner summer-camp-dinner-lady with these seriously juicy “Sloppy Joe” burgers! Full of flavour, but probably not ideal for a first date… We advise you invest in a bib for this one!
One Pot Wonder: Creamy Mushroom PastaThis is the first video in our One Pot Wonder series, we’re super excited about how easy and delicious this meal is, we hope you try it and let us know what you think and what you’d like to see us try make as a one pot wonder.
Healthy Vegan Pizza X3 WaysWe’ve come up with some pretty “out there” pizza toppings to help inspire you to break out of the box when it comes to creating your own. Feel free to adapt according to your own preferences, and let us know what creations you come up with! Sorry we don’t have a written recipe for this! We’re currently working on an updated and improved version which will feature in our new book (to be launched in Spring 2018)… So please bear with us until then! Thanks a mill, Dave & Steve xxx
Cranberry Sauce in 5 MinsHaving a good cranberry sauce is essential for any Christmas dinner – be it vegan, vegetarian or otherwise! This is an insanely easy recipe and ideal for anyone looking to save themselves a few minutes on the big day. Note: it also works really nicely as a sauce for sandwiches! Sorry we don’t have a written recipe for this! We’re currently working on an updated and improved version which will feature in our new book (to be launched in Spring 2018)… So please bear with us until then! Thanks a mill, Dave & Steve xxx
Brussels Sprouts X3 WaysBrussels Sprouts can always be hit or miss when it comes to Christmas, this is an easy way to guarantee that your whole family will eat their sprouts this christmas!! Note: The Brussels Sprouts Crisps in particular are a real game changer!!
5 Minute Basil PestoWe went super out there with this one, basil pesto pasta in 5 minutes means we substituted out whole wheat pasta for wholewheat noodles to keep the time down. This dish is so easy and tasty it’s a must try!!
Sweet Potato ToastHere’s a quick and easy alternative to bread; ludicrously easy to make and super-healthy!
Quick and Easy Pad ThaiPad Thai in 5 minutes could be one of our new favourite dinners, give it a try for yourself. Super quick and this feeds 3 people very substantially!
HarissaHarissa has always been one of our favourite dips to have near by to put in a sandwich or even add to a sauce for an extra kick! It’s super adaptable and this is only one of the 500 ways it can be made! If you like it more sweet than spicy, you can replace some of the chillies in this recipe with more sun-dried tomatoes. Give it a whirl, and tell us what you put in yours!
Vegan BaconVegan Bacon is one of the most popular recipes from our new book. This is a great weekend treat or great in a sandwich any day of the week. It’s full of flavour, and, in our opinion, even better than the real thing! Enjoy!
Vegan MayoFor any plant-based sambo snobs or burger buffs out there, this vegan mayo is the ultimate condiment to bump up your bread game! Tastes very close to the real thing and can be gorgeous by itself, or mixed up with grated cabbage to for a beautiful coleslaw
Vegan MozzarellaWe’ve been getting our hands dirty in the kitchen making vegan cheese lately, our newest recipe is for Vegan Mozzarella. This is incredibly true to form and some of our staff couldn’t tell the difference. Give it a try and let us know what you think! This recipe will make around 18 x 20g balls of "Mozzarella" : )
Easy Vegan Snacks5 easy, healthy and super simple snacks that really satisfy! We teamed up with the one and only, The Vegan Prince, Tim Shieff to bring you 5 Amazing Healthy Vegan Snacks. These snacks are nutritious and some of them are fat-tastic filled with calories to stop you craving the bad stuff and get you to your next meal!
Vegan HoneyWe saw Vegan Honey online earlier this week that we had to try! If you’re stuck for a liquid sweetener this is a great one to make to get you out of a jam.
Vegan Spag BolWelcome to our Vegan Spaghetti Bolognese that takes 5 minute to make! Our secret weapon is our courgetti pasta! This will save you minutes in the kitchen. It’s perfect for people in a rush or people who are allergic to cooking.
Breakfast BurritosThis makes a super-tasty Mexican-style weekend breakfast or brunch. It’s full of flavour, with great colours and textures that will satisfy all the family. Enjoy!
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