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Quick & delicious plant based recipes for healthier & happier living!
Vegan SamosaDave was at a friends birthday party recently and he was introduced to how easy vegan samosas are to make. Next thing you know he’s having them for lunch every second day so we decided to share them with you. Variety is the spice of life.
Chocolate Chilli PieIt’s that time of year again, time to crack out the old winter warmer dinner recipes and add this one to it. This Chocolate Chilli Pie is an amazing dish that feels like a belly hug. It’ll feel the whole family and tastes even better the next day if you’re prepping your meals for the week.
Date & Banana BitesWe had a blast shooting with Jasmine, we love meeting people who can have fun with our twin energy. Jasmine is a beautiful person and she has released and amazing book filled with amazing recipes and information about Ayurvedic philosophy.
5 Minute Buddha BowlThe “5 Minute Dinner” series has returned with our current favourite meal – The Buddha Bowl!!! We love these because they’re delicious and so customisable to your own personal taste, plus they make for a great way of clearing out the fridge or the cupboard and making a meal out of leftovers too!
Vegan Cheese ToastyWe are all aware the summer is winding down and the evenings will be getting shorter, what better to combat this than one of our childhood comfort foods. The humble cheese toasty… The food equivalent of a big warm blanket and hug.
Hummus X3 WaysIn this recipe you’ll make a basic hummus that tastes really good as a base… But then you’ll turn ⅓ of it into a Roasted Carrot Hummus, another ⅓ into a Sweet Beet Hummus, and the final one will stay strong as our original hummus!! Yeeeeow! This is a great way to add a bit of variety during the week, or is an ideal starter for a dinner party or as part of a platter when having friends over for a couple of drinks! Takes 30 minutes Makes about 1kg of hummus altogether
Winter SoupSometimes soup can be a laborious task to make a few times a week with clean up and chopping everything. If this vegan meal prep gets all the work out in one fell swoop and sets your up for a week of delicious lunches. Let us know you’re favourite soups.
Easy Vegan Snacks5 easy, healthy and super simple snacks that really satisfy! We teamed up with the one and only, The Vegan Prince, Tim Shieff to bring you 5 Amazing Healthy Vegan Snacks. These snacks are nutritious and some of them are fat-tastic filled with calories to stop you craving the bad stuff and get you to your next meal!
Squash SoupThe cold weather makes this Butternut Squash Soup a must try this week. This beautiful veg teamed with coconut milk makes for a soup combo made in heaven, we top ours with chilli flakes to give it the perfect spicy edge it needs to make it into the family cookbook!
Tomato SoupTomato Soup is a delicious, cheap and easy soup to make. It will warm your bones while you slowly eat your way through winter.
Vegan Cauliflower Buffalo WingsCauliflower Wings are the ultimate veggie finger food! You can coat them in an infinite number of sauces and marinades for any occasion!
Irish StewA simple dish to make, it only takes about 40 minutes and is a take on the traditional Irish stew. Along with the mash potato it is like a hug on a cold winters day! Its a great winter warming dish and defo one to try for Paddy’s day. A one pot wonder full of flavour and will satisfy the most carnivorous of your mates!
Potato CakesNothing says “Irish and Proud” quite like tricolour potato cakes!! Using simple veggies and our twist on a traditional pesto, we’ve created a modern version of an Irish favourite. The perfect vegan starter if you’re having friends over for St Patrick’s Day.
Sourdough BreadSteve has been working a lot lately with sourdough culture and making bread so we decided we’d share some of the knowledge with you. Let us know if you have any tips!
Pad ThaiHere’s our super yummy Pad Thai recipe. It’s dairy, sugar and gluten free and tastes absolutely rocking! This recipe takes about 15 minutes to make and feeds 4!
Pumpkin SoupSay hello to our heart warming belly hug of a soup. This is the ultimate soup season treat, packed with vitamin c and beta keratin it’ll keep you glowing through those cold dark evenings!
Christmas SoupA spoonful of this soup tastes like a whole christmas dinner mashed into vegan soup! It’s a super tasty recipe and will warm your bones and fill you with festive cheer. It really does taste like Christmas dinner!
Potato & Leek SoupWe teamed up with the beautiful Melanie Murphy to make Potato and Leek soup. The weather is getting fierce cold and this soup is a cornerstone of the Irish winter diet.

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