On this weeks blog we chat with Pat Divilly, amazing coach and also a lead speaker at Fresh Resolutions this January 3rd, 2020.

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Back over to Pat – we asked him what his top 5 tips for happiness are and these are golden!

1. Manage expectations.
Most stress in life comes from a story in our heads about how things ‘should’ be. When we can accept our current reality we can make changes and as Tony Robbins says “when we trade our expectations for appreciation our whole world changes”. Look to a practice of gratitude daily, acknowledging whats working really well in your life right now. If you can write down 3 new things to be grateful for daily you’ll notice some really positive changes to how you feel day to day.
2. Prioritise what you love.
It’s easy in life to get caught up with work and busyness and so I think it’s important to make a conscious effort to prioritise some time every day for the things and the people that you love. For me it’s Jiu-Jitsu, time outside, catch ups with friend or my new found hobby of surfing. There’s 168 hours in the week and the goal is to dedicate at the very least a few of these hours to the things and people you love most. If you aren’t taking time daily to do things that make you happy whats it all for?
3. Slow down to speed up.
Stress and fast paced living can throw us into negative thinking and overwhelm. We can often feel there aren’t enough hours in the day but the simple act of slowing down through meditation, even for 5-10 minutes can really help you feel more in control and less reactive to the external world. Time in front of screens can leave our minds feeling like the browser with ten different tabs open whilst meditation can help clear up a lot of mental space and help us focus our attention on whats important.
4. Make time for your friends!
When we’re young in school or college it’s easy to stay in touch with friends as you’re all in one place but as we get older it can become a bit more of a challenge. We all have different priorities, commitments and lifestyles but time with people we care about is so important in feelings of well being. A conscious effort is often required and it’s so worth it. Make an effort to catch up with friends as often as you can!
5. Take some time to journal! 
Again I think a lot of stress comes from living in our heads and journalling is a simple means of getting some mental clutter on paper rather than keeping it in the madness of our minds! I start my day with a simple journalling prompt of “Today I’m excited for….” and then finish the sentence to put in my mind something I can really look forward to in the day. I then end my day by writing down 3 mini-wins I’ve had in the day followed by the next actions I can take to build upon each mini win. For example if one of my mini wins was completing a workout, my next action could be to train again today for 20 minutes. This builds confidence and helps me overcome the negativity bias and tendency to go to focus on whats not working.

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