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Epic Caramel Squares

Yields20 ServingsPrep Time20 minsCook Time15 minsTotal Time35 mins

These caramel squares are epic and will be an instant hit with everyone who's lucky enough to taste them. They're refined sugar free, vegan, gluten free and seriously delicious.

Base Layer
 100 g dates
 150 g almonds
 150 g walnuts
 1.50 tsp vanilla
 2 tbsp coconut oil
 1 tsp cocoa powder
Caramel Layer
 450 g dates
 225 g peanut butter
 165 g coconut oil
 18 tbsp water
 small pinch salt
Chocolate Top Layer
 195 g cocoa butter
 180 g maple syrup
 30 g cocoa powder

For the base layer blend all the ingredients in a food processor and transfer to a parchment lined tray, we used a 33x23cm size tray, if you use a smaller one you will get a thicker caramel square, and a bigger tray will give you a thinner square. Spread the base out in an even layer, pop in the freezer for 5 minutes to help it set.


While the base is setting, start the caramel, melt the oil and peanut butter over a low heat, whisking to combine. Blend the dates in a food processor for a few minutes then add salt and the melted oil and peanut butter and continue to blend until it becomes a combined paste, add the water and blend until it is incorporated making a lovely caramel texture. Spread the caramel over the chilled base in an even layer, covering the base.


To make the chocolate top layer simply melt the cocoa butter over a low heat until just melted, remove from the heat, try not to overheat. Whisk the cocoa powder into the melted cocoa butter, making sure there are no lumps, then whisk in the maple syrup. The mixture should have a pouring consistency. Pour over the caramel to cover evenly and allow to set at ambient room temperature. When nicely firm and set, cut into desired size square and try not to eat all in one go they are so delicious and smoreish!

Nutrition Facts

Servings 20