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8 out of 10 people don’t get their RDA of fibre in the UK

Avg fiber intake in 18g versus recommended RDA OF FIBRE IS 30g – UK

Average fibre intake in Ireland is 20g

Irish heart foundation: 80% not getting enough fibre 

Ultra Processed food in your diet

In the US 60% of calories are ultra processed

61% of food purchased in US home a moderate to high processed foods

60% of calories consumed by children in the UK are coming from ultra processed foods

2018 – 46% of foods purchased in ireland are ultra processed foods


95-100% of the bluezone diet is plantbased

One of the most important factors for longevity is relationships and community


Harvard study of adult development – most important factor for longevity is close relations

People who had happy marriages in their 80s reported that their moods didn’t suffer even on the days when they had more physical pain. Those who had unhappy marriages felt both more emotional and physical pain.

Women who felt securely attached to their partners were less depressed and more happy in their relationships two-and-a-half years later

Lonliness kills – it is as powerful as smoking or alcoholism

Social isolation is the health risk of our time

The importance of social integration for longevity

making eye contact or shaking hand with someone releases oxytocin and reduces cortisol

Gut health

American gut project

Summary article from the world cancer research fund

The importance of diet in shaping the gut microbiome structure and function:

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Virgina Satire quote

Murphy, M. L. et. Al. (2018) Receiving a hug is associated with the attenuation of negative mood that occurs on days with interpersonal conflict. 

Sumioka, H. et. Al. (2013) Huggable communication medium decreases cortisol levels. 

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Fruit and Vegetable illustration Fruit and Vegetable illustration

All of our recipes are completely plant-based and include mostly whole foods