Today is the Summer Solstice and that means we are officially half way into 2018 already! As well as celebrating the longest day of the year, this mid-way point is a great opportunity to check in with the goals we set at the start of the year and get back on track with our intentions, so that we can make the second half of 2018 even better!

We are all guilty of letting our goals slip, as the busyness of life takes over and the months roll by. So, to help us get back on track, we caught up with Life Coach, Anne Marie Griffin, to chat all about how to recharge, reset, and realign ourselves, as we move into the latter half of the year! We hope you enjoy this great advice, and let us know if you have any top tips for resetting and recharging, when life throws you off course!

Anne-marie’s top 5 tips for your Summer Solstice reset:

1. Celebrate!

Celebrate how much you HAVE achieved this year. We are 6 months into the year and it’s a great time to celebrate all the small and big wins. A lot of what we accomplish does not come from a ‘goal’ and we forget to celebrate all the organic accomplishments.

Top tip:

Write a list of all the things you have achieved so far this year and check in with which ones you loved the most. Notice any patterns or similarities. When you like doing something it becomes easier to do!


Don’t beat yourself up for not completing (or starting) your New Year’s resolutions. It’s time to realign and redefine!! Check in with your goals and where they came from. Are they in alignment with what you want NOW and for the weeks, months, year, life ahead? Were they based on other people’s expectations of you? It’s important to remember that we change and so can our goals!

Top Tip:

Imagine your life 6 months on from today. What would your ideal life look like? Forget today’s current limitations or circumstances. Think big and get dreamy. Where do you live? How do you spend your day? What do you accomplish with your day and how do you feel?Remember, it’s your ideal life! What can you already implement from that vision in your life today?


One of the reasons goals don’t get accomplished is because there are too many! What is your ‘one’ thing? Pick one – yes, just one – and make it a good one. Think about your six month vision. When you have one intention, it is more likely you will accomplish it, and if you accomplish that, it opens up the doors to complete others. To achieve your goal, you may need to complete a number of different actions, but instead of the goal being about the actions, make it about the result! That way the actions become more meaningful and you’ll want to do them!

Top tip:

The ‘one’ thing rule can be applied to each day. Choose ‘one’ thing to focus on daily towards your vision and switch it up regularly.


Think back to any goals you have made and not completed in the past. What stopped you? Usually there were reasons or excuses to interrupt progress and no aligned, committed action.In order to reach our goals, aligned committed action is the secret to the formula – minus the reasons and excuses!

Top tip:

When excuses and reasons come up to not do your ‘one’ thing (and they will), notice if they come from a critic or cheerleader and which voice you choose to listen to. Life tests how ready we are for the things we ask for – this is your shot!


When is the last time you looked at a task ahead and asked “How can I complete this with joy and have fun?”. Fun is a choice and we forget to choose it. Where in your life can you choose more to have more fun, in order to keep achieving those goals?

Top tip:

Think about a daily task you do, like loading the dishwasher, folding clothes, or making dinner. How can you spice it up to make it fun? Get creative! Now apply that same question to your ‘one’ thing!

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Be sure to follow Anne Marie on Instagram and check out her website, for more advice on how to take control of your life goals!

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