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How it all happened!

Our interest in sunrises started when Dave’s elder daughter, Elsie, was a baby. Dave used to be out on the empty streets of Greystones in the early hours trying to walk her back to sleep. One summer morning he took a photo of the sunrise and shared it on Facebook. People went mad for that gorgeous view and so began our love of sharing sunrises!

Since summer 2016 we have been swimming at sunrise too! Now a community of like-minded, brave souls has developed and we meet at the beach every morning for our ‘morning wash’, followed by a huddle around a warm cup of tea and good chats.

Swimrise is a magic way to start the day and very symbolic too. As soon as our heads hit the water we feel so much more alive and connected to ourselves and nature. The cold sea is so bracing that our worries and stresses seem to disappear.

Our swimrise intersects with so many aspects of life that we really value: connection to nature, a sense of freedom and community.

The swimrise community seems to get bigger every day, as more people join from far and wide. It’s an eclectic bunch of people from all walks of life and of all ages that come together to get their dose of Vitamin Sea!

We do big swimrise events a couple of times a year so join our next one on the 11th of May with Joe Wicks, get your ticket here.

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