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cover of the veg box, the new book by the happy pear

The Veg Box

10 Vegetables, 10 Ways with only 10 ingredients or less

Out June 9th 2022 - Preorder your copy now!!

David and Stephen Flynn

30% of the food in your home is wasted & 30% of food on the planet is wasted. This doesn’t need to be so. In our new book, we have taken the 10 most common veg and given you 10 of the most delicious ways to cook these veg using 10 ingredients or less. The Veg Box is laid out by veg instead of by meal - so if you have a few carrots that you don’t know what to do open up the carrot chapter and we have 10 delicious ways to prepare carrots such as

  • Carrot and Sesame Burgers
  • Roasted Carrot Tagine
  • Chewy Flapjacks with Carrot and Pistachio
  • Carrot and maple granola with coconut

Or how about courgettes? Watch them become:

  • Easy One-Pan Courgette Pizza
  • Courgette Crepes with Spinach and Ricotta
  • Courgette and Lemon Loaf Cake with a Lemon Curd
David and Stephen Flynn

Fruit and Vegetable illustration

Building tips on eating more sustainably into family-friendly meals, quick weeknight dinners and sweet treats.

Fruit and Vegetable illustration

"The Veg Box will inspire you with new ways to cook 10 essential ingredients with each recipe using only 10 ingredients or less, including: aubergine, cauliflower, leek, mushrooms, beetroot and potatoes.

There are over 100 plant-based recipes for family-friendly meals, quick weeknight dinners and sweet treats.

Since discovering the joys and health benefits of a plant based diet over twenty years ago, we have been on a mission to encourage everyone to eat more veg. According to research from Oxford Univeristy that spand 95% of our food system, the single biggest thing we can do for the planet is to each more plant based and to waste less food.

Our newest book, The Veg Box is designed to help you do this with delicious recipes to help you waste less and to inspire you to eat more plant based.

Pre-order your copy today. By pre-ordering you help get the book stocked in more stores and ultimately help others to eat more veg and to waste less food. We really appreciate your support."

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Dave and Steve

Fruit and Vegetable illustration

This is healthy eating for our planet, our bodies and our taste buds.