We’re so excited to have launched 18 of our products in new fully compostable packaging! We’re super proud as we are Ireland’s first company to do home compostable trays for our healthy meals and new wholefood burger range.

After nearly 12 months of discussions, testing and trialling, we’ve finally cracked how to produce healthy meals and new our wholefood burgers range using fully home compostable trays. Wahoo! These new trays are made from sustainably sourced virgin paper pulp board and lined with a unique biofilm which ensures no permeability and enables top sealing.

Being certified home compostable, these new trays after you’ve finished using them, can accompany your food waste and be put directly in your garden compost heap or be put in your brown bin. What’s more, the trays are now being made on the Island of Ireland, greatly reducing our carbon footprint. This leads the way for a whole new wave of more sustainable packaging.

“Eating more fruit and vegetables is one of the kindest things we can do for our planet and at The Happy Pear, we want to create a healthier and happier world. That’s why we make delicious and healthy plant-based food and we’re doing our best to put it in more sustainable and environmentally friendly packaging such as our healthy meals and new wholefood burgers,” said Stephen Flynn.

The compostable trays are not the only sustainable packaging we’ve introduced. In October 2018, we introduced our healthier Bites range in industrially compostable packaging, followed by the relaunch of our range of granola, including the popular Cool Jim’s Granola, as well as relaunching our living sprouts range in fully compostable packaging earlier this year. With the addition of the new meal and burger trays, 55% of the total number of our products have compostable packaging (8 home compostable and 10 industrially compostable). This cutting edge progress is leading the way for the wider industry to follow.

“From the beginning, sustainability has been at the core of The Happy Pear. We are taking massive steps and making big improvements on the sustainability of our packaging. We are far from perfect, but we are making strong progress. Work is underway to bring innovative sustainable solutions for some of our other products, ” said David Flynn.

Our new fully home compostable meal and burger trays are available nationwide in SuperValu and Centra stores and other leading food stores.

At the start of September, we opened the first plant based all day full service grab and go food outlet in Dublin Airport which is serving its food using fully compostable packaging.

In July 2018, we became one of the first businesses to use Ireland’s only completely paper-free compostable cups. The ‘Treefree Cups’ contain absolutely no paper product. They start out as waste material from sugar-cane, making them the most sustainable single-use cup available in the Irish market.

The Happy Pear vans run on compressed natural gas, helping to reduce vehicle CO² emissions by over 20% and they have also installed LED light fittings across production facilities and head office, Pearville, helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

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