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Healthier Snickers bark 2 ways – peanut butter & jelly OR pistachio

Steve’s kids gave out to him the other day saying what do we not have snacks in the house, so this was Steve’s answer. We made a large tray but ½ the recipe for a smaller batch. Medjool dates work better as they’re more like toffee but normal pitted dates work fine too.

Takes 20 minutes

Serves 20


  • 500 g medjoul dates or 300g pitted dates
  • 330 g jar of Smooth peanut butter

2 different fillings:

    Pistachio side

    • 100 g shelled Pistachios

    Peanut butter raspberry side:

    • 100 g roasted salted peanuts
    • 100 g Frozen raspberries to cover 1/2 tray
    • 300 g Chocolate


    • Form date base: Line the baking tray with baking parchment. If using medjoul dates remove the stone and open them out to fill the tray. If using pitted dates, open them out to fill the tray. Place a sheet of parchment on top and mash them with the back of a mug or jar to compact and form a solid base layer. Carefully remove the top layer of baking parchment and you should be left with a solid date base layer.
    • Layer on peanut butter and fillings: Spread out the jar of smooth peanut butter across the date layer so you have an even layer. On half the tray sprinkle on some roasted salted peanut followed by the raspberries. On the other half sprinkle over the pistachios. Make sure to keep a small amount of the peanuts, pistachios and raspberries to sprinkle on top for garnish.
    • Cover in melted chocolate: Melt the chocolate in a bain marie or microwave and cover the full tray.
    • Decorate and leave to set: Garnish and leave to set in the freezer or fridge till the chocolate is set and firm. Eithe cut with a knife or break with you hands. Enjoy!
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    Fruit and Vegetable illustration Fruit and Vegetable illustration

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