December is just around the corner, and that means the countdown to Christmas is on. While Christmas is an exciting time, for many, it can also be filled with stress and anxiety. The demands of the festive season; shopping for gifts, social commitments, family gatherings, and even the loss of loved ones, can often leave us feeling frazzled and overwhelmed. Taking time out to breathe, getting out in nature, and  nourishing and moving our bodies, are just some of the ways we can ease the festive stresses.
Yoga, with its focus on the breath and mindful movement, is another great way of helping to manage stress. Spending time on the mat can not only make space in the body, but also in the mind. We caught up with some of the yoga instructors who will be teaching in our Clondalkin café throughout the coming months, to find out their top tips for keeping calm this Christmas.
Feeling stressed and don’t have time to go to a yoga class? Then why not simply put your feet up & breathe! It can help to relax, calm and recharge your body and mind. Don’t think too much about it – just give it a go, wherever you are!  Gerlinde Halmer

In the fast-paced world we live in, it is so important to slow down, so that we can come back to ourselves and meet every moment. Especially around Christmas, when things get even more hectic, it is essential to take a step back. Yoga is a great reminder to stay present and to see what is really important in life. Any kind of yoga is good, but I recommend the more gentle yoga classes or yin yoga, for de-stressing. These styles of yoga teach us how to connect to our body, mind and soul, and to connect to what we are really feeling. Yoga reminds us to slow down, to be mindful and meet every moment. Marion Buechner

As simple as it sounds, bringing your attention to your feet, rooting them into the surface below, can really help to ground and calm the body and mind. Tuning into your breath is also really important. Lengthening the breath and slowing the exhalation, can help to trigger the relaxation response in the body and help us to feel calmer within. Con Sheehan

Christmas is all about giving, and it’s very important to give yourself a gift too. What better gift than the gift of relaxation? My quick tip for relaxing is to focus on the breath. It’s impossible to completely clear the mind, so don’t put yourself under pressure. Take a few moments, wherever you are, to breathe in deeply, and breathe out and smile. It’s also a nice idea to take your partner or friend along to a yoga class with you, and spread some calmness. Joe Quinn

So remember to take some time out for yourself this festive season and be sure to join our yoga teachers in Clondalkin. All our classes are FREE to attend, and take place in one of the beautiful and spacious rooms above our Happy Pear café. Stay tuned to our Twitter, Facebook and Instagram pages for details of when the classes begin and how you can book your spot.