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The Happy Pear Creamy Mushroom & Leek Pasta In Vegan Béchamel SauceCreamy Mushroom & Leek Pasta In Vegan Béchamel SauceThis is a fab autumn creamy pasta dish where we make a dairy free béchamel to fold in onto of a rosti of root veg. The combination of leek, celeriac and mushroom infused with thyme and a wonderful creamy white sauce make this dish super tasty – well worth trying!
The Happy Pear 3 Vegan Desserts3 Vegan DessertsVegan desserts don’t have to take forever to make, but they do have to be delicious!! That’s what makes these 3 desserts so great. They’re so quick and tasty you can whip them together when your dinner is cooking or if you have a surprise guest over to visit. They’re great for any occasion. You don’t even need an excuse to make them, there’s nothing wrong with a little self love.
The Happy Pear Pea and Broccoli KormaPea and Broccoli KormaHearty dinner season is here and we have the perfect korma recipe for you. This is such an easy and affordable dish that’ll keep the whole family happy.
The Happy Pear Easy Mexican BeansEasy Mexican BeansCooking for yourself when you go to college can be daunting, this recipe is a super simple and really cheap one to have handy. It tastes even better the next day and it’ll last in the fridge for 3-4 days.
The Happy Pear 3 Epic Vegan Pasta Sauces3 Epic Vegan Pasta SaucesWe’ve noticed that you all love pasta dishes so we decided to shoot a video on some delicious sauces. These are so easy and taste incredible but they’ll also make you look like a pro in the kitchen.
The Happy Pear Vegan Gravy & Cranberry SauceVegan Gravy & Cranberry Sauce Every year more and more houses have a vegetarian or vegan sitting at the Christmas table, it can be stressful for the cook who has only ever had to serve one diet as there’s a bit of change in the ritual that is Christmas dinner. BUT WE’RE HERE TO HELP!! Our 12 days of Christmas is here to take the stress out of feeding your loved ones this Christmas we’re going to upload a delicious vegan Christmas recipe every day for 12 days. Whether the whole house is vegan of just yourself this will make for big smiles at the dinner table. Is there really a Christmas at all without gravy. This is probably the most important sauce you’ll ever learn to make. Cranberry sauce is the perfect sweet sauce to compliment the savoriness of the Christmas dinner. A welcome taste explosion.
The Happy Pear Thai Red Curry in 5 MinutesThai Red Curry in 5 MinutesThis is definitely one to try, we used a special ingredient to get the colour and the flavours are amazing.
The Happy Pear Easy Bean CurryEasy Bean CurryCooking a delicious meal doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive, using accessible ingredients and some super savvy shopping tips we’ve created this lovely recipe perfect for every level of chef.
The Happy Pear After School Snack IdeasAfter School Snack IdeasThe hours between getting home from school and work and having dinner can be a dangerous time for eating bad food as we’re usually starving after a long day and our brains tell us to go to the biscuit tin. Here are three of our snack ideas to keep you hydrated and satiated until dinner.
Vegan Three Course MealVegan Three Course MealHere is the ultimate tool to swoon the vegan of your dreams!! Eating vegan and eating a three course sinner doesn’t not have to be expensive. We set ourselves a challenge and here’s the result!
The Happy Pear Vegan Doner KebabVegan Doner KebabWe always have a laugh in the happy pear and most recently we were messing with Marty one of our Baristas about kebabs. Marty loves a good old fashioned kebab and being us we were talking up a vegan option to him which resulted in a challenge which resulted in this video!
The Happy Pear Vegan Millionaire SquareVegan Millionaire SquareOne time Steve went to a birthday party and stuffed his pockets with so many millionaire squares that Mam had to get a scissors and cut them out because they had melted into this pants. He regrets nothing. These millionaire squares and so easy to make and super tasty! Great for all occasions.
The Happy Pear Vegan Cheese ToastyVegan Cheese ToastyWe are all aware the summer is winding down and the evenings will be getting shorter, what better to combat this than one of our childhood comfort foods. The humble cheese toasty… The food equivalent of a big warm blanket and hug.
The Happy Pear Vegan Palak PaneerVegan Palak PaneerWe’re blessed to have such amazing staff at the happy pear, Santan, is such a talented chef with 20 years experience cooking. We showed us how to make this delicious Palak Paneer using vegan ingredients instead of the stand ingredient.
The Happy Pear Indian Curry Sauces X3 WaysIndian Curry Sauces X3 WaysWe shot another video with our Indian super chef Santan, this time we’re cooking three Indian sauces, these were absolutely delicious. We are so privileged to have such talented people on our team.
The Happy Pear Vegan ParmesanVegan ParmesanThis epic parmesan cheese recipe comes from Julie Piatt’s (@srimati) new book – “This Cheese is Nuts” The perfect topping for pastas, salads and really anything else you’d like!
The Happy Pear Coconut CurryCoconut CurryWe love a good curry and we were feeling very inspired by shooting with our friend Santan so we decided to cook one of Dave’s favourites, a coconut curry. This is a super easy family pleasing dinner. Let us know what you think if you try it.
The Happy Pear Vegan Creme BruleeVegan Creme BruleeAnother gorgeous recipe from Julie Piatt’s (@srimati) new book – “This Cheese is Nuts”. Perfect for dinner parties, a special dessert or just for when you want to treat yourself!!!
The Happy Pear Vegan Red CheddarVegan Red CheddarThis vegan red cheddar is from Julie Piatt’s (@srimati) new book – “This Cheese is Nuts” Super delicious served with crackers, on its own or in a sandwich!
The Happy Pear Healthy Sweet & Sour Stir FryHealthy Sweet & Sour Stir FryChinese take away food can always be loaded with msg and isn’t all that good for you. We thought we’d share this amazing sweet and sour sauce recipe with you. It’s so delicious and extra satisfying knowing you can make it yourself and you can control what’s going into your body.
The Happy Pear Vegan Coffee CakeVegan Coffee CakeOur take on the traditional banana and toffee cream pie! Our version needs no baking, it’s raw, dairy-free, gluten-free and refined-sugar-free! This is a seriously indulgent dessert but no need for any guilt after you serve yourself up an extra big slice!
The Happy Pear Vegan FetaVegan FetaVegan Feta Cheese, is easier to make than you think, and so much tastier that you’d imagine. It’s a perfect addition to any salad, sandwich or even pizza!
The Happy Pear One Pot Wonder: LasagneOne Pot Wonder: LasagneThis is literally a one pot lasagna, no oven needed. We cook the lasagne by soaking the sheets in boiling water while making the tomato sauce and then top it all off with a cashew cheese. We think it is epic, super original and we found it to be a real breakthrough!! Really well worth making.
The Happy Pear One Pot Wonder: RisottoOne Pot Wonder: RisottoCheck out our recipe video for delicious risotto, this is so cheap and super easy to make we bought all the ingredients in SuperValu and cost us less that €4!!!!
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