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5 Tips for Kitchen EssentialsHere are our top tips for anyone looking to stock up on food in the coming few weeks. We based this on food that can be used in multiple ways and multiple recipes, is highly nutritious and is cheap and widely available. Hope this is of some help. We hope you stay safe and healthy during this period and send all our love.
Creamy Spiced Black Bean Quesadilla Creamy spicy, crispy and oh so delicious! These are low in fat, oil free and only take 10-15 mins to make - they make a wonderful dinner or healthy snack. Although tamari is not technically a Mexican condiment Dave jokingly said when he was last in Mexico he found a bottle in an asian store! It does give more flavour and saves time so worth using if you can.
Oil Free Thai Yellow CurryGive this simple, easy OIL FREE yellow Thai curry recipe a go. We’ve made this with coconut milk and a blend of spices, creating a deliciously creamy and aromatic curry! Being oil free it’s great for anyone trying to lose weight! If you want to learn more about #oilfree plant based cooking then check out our Happy Heart course.
No Oil Creamy CarbonaraCreamy delicious and the king oyster mushroom bacon is so good - this a fabulous dinner and no oil and low fat but not lacking in flavour. This make a wonderful weekly dinner for any pasta lover.
Facon Double Cheese BurgerA Vegan “Bacon” double Cheeseburger, impossible you say. We can’t recreate bacon but here we give you a “Facon” double cheese burger, we have cooked tofu and let it get a great grizzly texture then coated it in a delicious marinade of umami bacon flavours. Topped on a double burger with vegan cheese, this is fast food vegan at its best!
100% Veggie BurgerThis 100% veggie focused bean free burger, doesn’t use TVP or Seiten and is full of veggie goodness with blended oats and seeds for added fibre to make a seriously tasty Burger.
Lasagna BurgerThis might sound absolutely ridiculous and if you are Italian please apologise to your Nona for us but this is delicious! As part of our Feburgruary series where we post nothing but burger recipes for the month of February we really try to push the boundaries of where the burger lies. In this recipe, we've taken all the best bits of the lasagna and put it in a burger for you!
Double Choc Beet BrownieHere’s a fabulous Double choc beet brownie recipe to feed your soul 💚It's gooey, fudgy and so good warm. This is a recipe from our brownie framework on our Ultimate Vegan Cooking Course where we teach you how to cook without recipes! We're had great feedback and distils our 14 years experience as vegan chefs, it can be done from anywhere in the world at your own pace.
Flourless Chocolate Ganache CakeThis is a lovely simple take on on a classic chocolate ganache cake, it’s rich, it’s indulgent and it just tastes like more! When we were trialling the recipe we took 2 versions down to the beach to see which people preferred (post morning swim at sunrise ritual) and all our swimming friends loved them! Both went down a treat so this recipe is the culmination of about 4 trials - its quick to make and really delivers on taste and flavour. Please note the video recipe is another adaptation of the written recipe.
Easy Cheese Pasta SauceThis is a simple creamy cheese pasta sauce based on sweet potato and pasta water meaning that its higher in fibre and yet still tastes fab! Well worth trying!
Tikka Masala SauceThis is the national dish of the UK apparently originating from a curry house in Glasgow where a taxi driver ordered a curry, it was too hot so he sent it back to the kitchen so the chef added tomato soup and the tikka masala was born! Our version is based on chickpeas and aubergines, it is rich, creamy and lovely and “meaty”!
Creamy Red Pepper and Basil Pasta DinnerThis is a great 1st vegan dinner recipe, it's a deliciously creamy dish and such a crowd pleaser! To make this a super quick, easy dinner, we use jarred roasted peppers, a great cupboard staple, garlic powder that you can get in most stores and works even better than fresh in this creamy cashew sauce.
Vegan Traditional Mince PiesThis is our vegan take on the classic mince pie! Packed with juicy sultanas and festive spices, these are the perfect treat!
Christmas Inspired BurgerThis is the ultimate festive burger, complete with brussel sprout pesto and cranberry ketchup! Serve in a wholemeal bun with some fresh tomato, lettuce and onion for a super-tasty burger experience!
Nut Loaf Duxelles WellingtonThis is really satisfying, crowd pleasing centre-piece dinner fit for any special occasion. Serve it with some gravy, cranberry sauce, roasted veg and potatoes, it’s oh so delicious! The duxelles might sound fancy but it helps keep the nut roast nice and moist and adds more complexity and earthy notes that complement the pastry so well. Enjoy!
Chocolate Truffles 3 waysThese are super easy to make and are genuinely delicious. Either make all 3 or choose your favourite and make a batch or double batch. They make a great edible gift. They are healthier than conventional truffles as we use nuts and dates where possible in the fillings instead of sugar and refined fats.
Chocolate Banana BreadA seriously tasty sweet treat, that's as good for your health as it is for the soul! Perfect with a cup of tea and chat with a friend!
Spinach and Bean Coconut MasalaTasty and quick Spinach and Bean Coconut Masala, perfect healthy weeknight dinner! If you want to learn more about vegan cooking, check out our Ultimate Vegan Cooking Course. Our next one kicks off 6th January and we have 50% off until Sunday 1 Dec. Click on the courses tab above to find out more.
Raspberry Chia PuddingHere’s a lovely raspberry chia pudding full written recipe down below, perfect for those mornings when you're short on time.
Quick easy Dahl for weight lossHere’s a wonderful low fat lentil Dahl that takes 5 mins to make, costs €5 to feed 4 and is perfect for anyone wanting to stay in shape or lose weight - it’s soothing, warming and oh so tasty.
Spinach and Ricotta Rotolo | The New LasagnaRotola a wonderful dish not very well known outside of Italy but it is a magnificent Italian pasta dish using lasagna sheets, where they are filled and rolled in a creamy sauce and baked in a rich tomato sauce.
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