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Slow aging and improve your health with water!

This week we speak to holistic doctor and author of Quench, Dr Dana Cohen.

For over two decades, Dr. Dana Cohen has been on the leading edge of integrative and functional medicine, guiding thousands of patients through protocols that initiate cellular repair and restore balance to the body.

Episode 109

Her unyielding devotion to her patients has helped countless patients on the brink of giving up hope to finally improve, recover, or completely heal from a variety of severe and chronic health issues.

We jump striaght into her recent research and book Quench and discuss in detail the magical healing power of water.

“Proper hydration is the key to unlocking optimal health. But we need to start looking at hydration for what it is: the very essence of your health.”

The benefits of proper hydration can have a dramatic effect on your health, your vitality, and your overall quality of life, according to Dr Dana. Quench will help you determine how to hydrate the right way (hint: it doesn’t involve chugging a gallon of water every day), and then how to get the water you do drink deep into your muscles, cells, and fascia (the connective tissue of your body), where it’s needed most.

A brilliant episode, that will leave you stuffing your face with fruit, veg and lemon infused water!

Lots of love,

Dave & Steve

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