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This weeks podcast is with the man who has lived many lives, the infamous, Glen Hansard!

I mean where do we start? For those who aren’t familiar, Glen is an Irish songwriter, actor, vocalist and guitarist for The Frames, and one half of duo The Swell Season. Having played roles in the BAFTA-winning film The Commitments, as well as starring in the film Once, which earned him an Academy Award for Best Original Song.

Episode 2 – Glen Hansard

You could say he began his singing career at the age of 13, when he left school to become a busker. He was taken in and his talents were nurtured by an artist and and incredible woman, Philippa Bayliss. From then on Glen seems to have been on track to stardom, breaking bread with the likes of Seamus Heaney, meeting his hero Bob Dylan and eventually touring with him at a very early age.

Glen is a perfect example of someone who says “yes to life”.

“What I have realised in my life, in the 50 years that I have been here is that, when you follow your gut or when you follow your heart, there is an incredible wave that comes up behind that supports it and when you are not following your heart then there is a wave that goes against you. So it’s really just about catching that wave.”

We thoroughly enjoyed this conversation, so much so it is our longest podcast episode to date! 

We cover everything from his somewhat adventurous route to success, his time on the “Celtic Odyssey” rowing across the Atlantic, to his perception of today and the climate crisis.

It really is pure gold from beginning to end, we highly recommend giving it a proper listen.

Big love,

Dave & Steve

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