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This week’s episode is with Mary-Frances O’Connor, a psychologist and author of “The Grieving Brain: The Surprising Science of How We Learn from Love and Loss.”

Episode 112

Mary-Frances conducts studies to better understand the grief process both psychologically and physiologically. She is a leader in the field of prolonged grief, a clinical condition in which people do not adjust to the acute feelings of grief and show increases in yearning, avoidance, and rumination. 

Her work primarily focuses on trying to tease out the mechanisms that cause this ongoing and severe reaction to loss. In particular, she is curious about the neurobiological, immune, and cardiovascular factors that vary between individual responses to grief.

In this episode we explore the different facets of grief, how it affects our brain, how to deal with it and how we can support others. 

A heavy topic, and we are complete novices here but we learnt a lot and hope that you did to.

Lots of love,

Dave & Steve

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