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Today we had an amazing conversation with the wonderful author of 14 parenting books, Sarah Ockwell-Smith. 

Sarah studied psychology and after becoming a mother began to dive deep into the psychology and science of parenting. She has recently re-released her book: The Gentle Parenting book

Episode 115

In this episode we started off by discussing the history of parenting advice and how it has evolved over time. Sarah explained how in the past, parenting was much more community-based, with family members and neighbors providing support and guidance. However, with the industrial revolution, families became more isolated and parenting advice began to be sold as a commodity.

We then delved into current parenting trends, such as attachment parenting and positive parenting, and how these approaches have become more popular in recent years. Sarah emphasized that while it’s great to have a framework to work within, ultimately a parent’s own intuition is the most important part of parenting.

We also talked about the importance of empathy and understanding in parenting, and how it can be challenging to stay calm and patient in the face of difficult behavior from our children. Sarah provided some great tips on how to handle these situations with grace and compassion.

Overall, it was an incredibly insightful conversation and we learned so much from Sarah. We hope you enjoy listening to this episode as much as we enjoyed recording it!


Lots of Love,

Dave & Steve

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