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We’re super excited to share this episode with you, where we chat with Nicole Masters, a soil health expert and agro-ecologist.

Episode 117

We’ve always been passionate about sustainability and living in harmony with nature, so talking to Nicole was a dream come true for us. She really knows her stuff when it comes to healthy soil, and we learned so much from her about how we can make a positive impact on the environment through regenerative agriculture and composting.

One of the things we loved about this episode was how Nicole made such a complex topic so accessible and interesting. We asked her all sorts of questions about soil health, from the benefits of cover crops to the importance of microbial diversity, and she had so many great insights to share.

We hope you enjoyed this episode as much as we did!

Lots of Love,

Dave & Steve

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If you would like to find our more, Nicole at Integrity Soils has a range of self-directed online courses so you can read the health of your soil like a pro! Deepen your knowledge and hands-on skills to measure soil health at any scale. If you’ve been unsure about current on-farm practices and are looking to make sense of the endless recommendations that may not “add up,” these courses will give you the foundations to support you in making informed decisions to improve the health of your soil.

The Soil Horse Course: LINK

Soil Health Masterclass: LINK

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