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This week we speak to Jane Esselstyn! Jane  brings her perspective and passion as a nurse, researcher, mother, and teacher to the forefront of the plant-based movement. Author and co-author of NY Times Bestseller Be a Plant-Based Woman Warrior: Live Fierce, Stay Bold, Eat Delicious, and The Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease Cookbook, Jane presents her work, research, and high energy demos around the world- and on her new YouTube channel with her mum, Ann Esselstyn.

Episode 125

Women, families and community drive Jane’s work forward. She is the host of the annual conference, Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease for Women, which is focused on the power of plants! Jane claims, “Prevention is the new cure, and the most powerful, relevant, and protective medicine available”. With full enthusiasm, Jane co-founded Well, Now! Camp – an activity -filled, creative escape for Plant-Based Women Warriors .

In this lively conversation, Jane shares her wealth of knowledge and passion for healthy, plant-powered lifestyles, providing listeners with practical tips and empowering insights along the way.

Throughout the episode, Jane delves into the practical aspects of adopting a plant-based lifestyle, offering invaluable advice. Aside from talking plants, we also dive deep into the area of sex education, a big jump from plant-based eating you might think! However, Jane has worked as a sex educator for a number of years and shares some brilliant insights on how the topic should be explored. 

As a renowned author and speaker, Jane has dedicated herself to empowering individuals on their journey towards better health. Her warm and relatable approach makes the path to wellness accessible and enjoyable for all. This episode will leave you feeling inspired, informed, and hopefully ready to embark on your own transformative health journey. 

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To learn more about Jane and her work visit: https://janeesselstyn.com/

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