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In this week’s captivating episode, we delve into the fascinating world of sustainable farming with author and co-founder of Black Barn Farm, Jade Miles.

Episode 135

Black Barn Farm, is a biodiverse orchard, nursery and workshop space in north east Victoria which is a magnet for visitors to learn about permaculture, homesteading, as well as to pick-their-own from some of the 98 varieties of heritage fruit and berries. 

Jade’s journey from urban living to becoming a passionate advocate for regenerative agriculture is a true inspiration. A renowned sustainable farmer and environmental activist, with a background in ecology and a deep love for the earth, Jade, alongside her partner Charles Showers, embarked on a life-changing adventure to establish Black Barn Farm, a thriving hub for regenerative farming practices. Her commitment to ethical and sustainable agriculture has earned her recognition in the field.

Jade is part of a growing wave of women keen to arm themselves with skills like farming, composting, making and mending, and pickling and preserving. Just as the Covid-19 lockdown and its closure of supermarkets and limited food supplies were a call to arms for amateur sourdough bakers, Miles and her cohort were inspired by impending climate change, like the 2020 summer bushfires, to become more self-sufficient and less reliant on material and consumer culture.

Join us for an enlightening conversation with Jade Miles, as we uncover the secrets of sustainable farming and its vital role in creating a healthier planet. 

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