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Adam Guthrie, a distinguished plant-based chef and health advocate, shares his incredible journey on this latest episode.

Episode 144

Adam’s life took a dramatic turn when he embraced a plant-based lifestyle that not only saved his life but also became the cornerstone of his mission to help others achieve wellness. With a personal transformation story that’s both inspiring and compelling, Adam’s experience navigating the world of plant-based cuisine is truly remarkable. He channels his expertise into empowering individuals to shed weight and reclaim their health through tailored courses and rejuvenating retreats.

In this episode we dive into a captivating conversation with Adam Guthrie. Discover the pivotal moments that led him to adopt a plant-based lifestyle, learning how this choice became the catalyst for his personal and professional transformation. Through this episode, explore how Adam transitioned from a life-changing health experience to becoming a leading figure in the realm of plant-based culinary arts. His dedication to guiding others in embracing a healthier lifestyle through his courses and retreats is both insightful and inspirational.

Prepare to be inspired and motivated to embark on your own path towards a healthier, plant-powered life.

Lots of Love,

Dave & Steve

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