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This week we delve into the wonders of outdoor living with special guest Ginny Yurich, the inspiring founder of 1000 Hours Outside

Episode 148

Ginny Yurich is a dedicated advocate for outdoor living and the founder of the movement “1000 Hours Outside.” Her mission is to encourage families and individuals to spend more time in nature. After initially struggling with motherhood she decided to make a change, simply spending more time outside, and it revolutionised her life!

Main Topics Covered:

  • The 1000 Hours Outside Movement:
    • Explore the origins and inspiration behind Ginny’s movement. Her personal journey and how it all came about.
    • Learn about the positive impact of spending intentional time outdoors.
  • Ginny’s New Book – “Until the Street Light Comes On”:
    • Discover insights from Ginny’s latest book and how it can help you on your outdoor journey.
    • Uncover stories and anecdotes that highlight the transformative power of nature.
  • Building a Connection with Nature:
    • Discuss the benefits of fostering a deep connection with the natural world.
    • Explore practical tips for incorporating more outdoor time into daily life.
  • Challenges and Solutions for Outdoor Living:
    • Address common challenges families face in spending more time outdoors.
    • Uncover practical solutions and creative ideas for overcoming obstacles.
  • Nature and Well-being:
    • Dive into the positive effects of nature on mental and physical well-being.
    • Learn about the role of outdoor activities in promoting a healthier lifestyle.

In this enlightening episode, Ginny Yurich shares her passion for outdoor living, inspiring listeners to embark on their own nature-filled journeys. Whether you’re a nature enthusiast or looking to incorporate more outdoor time into your life, this conversation with Ginny is sure to leave you motivated and excited about the possibilities that await when we step outside.

Lots of Love,

Dave & Steve


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