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This week we are joined by the inspiring Gelong Thubten, a distinguished Buddhist monk, meditation teacher, and author. With a deep-rooted commitment to spreading the teachings of mindfulness and compassion, Gelong Thubten has dedicated his life to helping individuals discover inner peace and lasting happiness.

Episode 155

Gelong Thubten is a renowned Buddhist monk known for his profound insights into the realms of meditation and mindfulness. Born in London, he initially pursued a career in acting and the arts before finding his calling in Buddhism. Gelong Thubten spent several years as a monk in the Samye Ling Tibetan Buddhist Monastery in Scotland, where he immersed himself in the study and practice of ancient Buddhist teachings. Today, he shares his wisdom globally, guiding people towards a more mindful and fulfilled existence through workshops, talks, and his bestselling book, “A Monk’s Guide to Happiness.” His latest book, “Handbook for Hard Times – A Monk’s Guide to Fearless Living,” explores practical ways to navigate challenges with resilience and courage.

Main Topics Covered:

  • Journey to Monkhood: Gelong Thubten discusses his personal journey from a career in the arts to embracing the life of a Buddhist monk, shedding light on the transformative power of spiritual awakening.
  • Mindfulness in Modern Life: The conversation delves into the importance of incorporating mindfulness practices into our hectic modern lifestyles, exploring ways to find balance amidst the chaos.
  • Meditation: Tips for Beginners: Practical tips on how to start and maintain a meditation practice are shared, empowering listeners to embrace the transformative benefits of this ancient practice.
  • Keys to Lasting Happiness: Gelong Thubten shares ancient wisdom on cultivating genuine and enduring happiness, providing practical insights and tools for listeners to apply in their daily lives.
  • The Power of Meditation: The episode explores the profound impact of meditation on mental well-being, with Gelong Thubten offering guidance on how to establish a consistent and rewarding meditation practice.
  • Living with Purpose: The discussion touches upon the concept of living a purposeful life aligned with one’s values and the positive impact it can have on personal fulfillment.

Tune in for a transformative journey with Gelong Thubten, as we explore the profound teachings of Buddhism, practical tips on meditation, and insights from his latest book on navigating life’s challenges with fearless living. Discover the wisdom that has inspired countless individuals on their path to a more mindful and meaningful life.

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