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This week we are delighted to bring you, YouTubers and VanLifers, Eamon & Bec!

As their title suggests, Eamon and Bec are a couple who spend their time traveling around in their customised van. Earning their money from their popular youtube channel which follows all their adventures.

Episode 7 – Eamon & Bec

However, it seems things are changing for our favourite Vegan nomads. As for most of us, covid has meant we have had to take a pause, reflect and rethink elements of our lives. For some these have been small reflections and for others, like Eamon and Bec, it has meant standing still for the first time in years and investing in a solid foundation (one without wheels!).

“The overnight success that took 10 years to build – that couldn’t be more true for us! You could look at our channel now and think wow that looks like a great living… for us it has been a very very slow burn. However, it has shown us that we love it enough to keep going.”

Eamon and Bec have a wonderful appetite for life, they are a fascinating couple with an abundance of insights on creativity, life of a YouTuber, living as a nomad, working and traveling as a couple, and now building their own cabin in the woods.

We highly recommend giving this episode a listen, we had a great laugh and look forward to hosting the pair in Ireland again soon.

Big love,

Dave & Steve

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