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Coined “The Death Metal Irish Baron”, this re-wilding, filmmaking, vegan Lord is not only continuing in the lineage of great ancestors before him but also going against the grain. How?

By giving back what he inherited to its true owner: Mother Earth herself… This week’s podcast guest is Lord Randal Plunkett.

Episode 3 – Randal Plunkett

He has been described as an idiot, a moron and crazy but that doesn’t stop him. Randal is aware of the mantle he must withhold;

“When you are born into privilege, you must live in servitude… I have a responsibility… I must make things better..”

With a lineage of philanthropists, saints and scholars behind him, this is not an easy feat! However, despite the seriousness of the tasks Randal has taken on, he has a great sense of humour and is not what you would expect when you hear the word “Lord”:

“The only time I ever go by Lord is when I am wearing a cape, and yes, of course, I have a cape.”

We laughed, we went deep, we spoke about his past, the hate from locals that comes with the title, the various places he grew up in, the relationship with his lineage, his love for horror, death metal, filmmaking, and how he came to re-wild his estate.

“This is now the most important thing I have ever done.”

A fascinating character and a natural-born storyteller, Randal and this episode will keep you entertained, will stimulate your curiosity and potentially even start you on your own re-wilding journey!

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Lots of Love,

Dave and Steve

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FILM: The Green Sea by Randal Plunkett


Dunsany Natural Reserve