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Not a pleasant question, but have you ever wondered what the biggest killer of men in the Western world is? This week, meet Rip Esselstyn, a former professional athlete and firefighter who has dedicated decades to helping people improve their health and fight this biggest killer.

Episode 5 – Rip Esselstyn

“The number one cause of death amongst fire fighters is heart attacks, not fires!”

But don’t worry! There’s a happy ending to this fact. Rip Esselstyn has helped thousands of people to regain their health and thrive without surgery or spending loads of money.

Did we say thousands? We meant millions: Rip is the Exec producer of the most viewed health documentary of all time, Game changers, which has been viewed over 100m times.

“We are finding that by exercising, eating plant based, optimum sleep… you can really start pushing the boundaries”

Rip embodies commitment to demonstrating longevity and also helping others achieve it. We learnt a lot about health from Rip so hopefully you will, too.


Lots of Love,

Dave and Steve

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If you want to learn more about Rip, visit his site: https://plantstrong.com/