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Roz Purcell

Episode 4 – Roz Purcell on Learning to Love Your Body

This week’s episode is with the amazing Roz Purcell.

Roz is an author, chef, blogger, entrepreneur, podcast host, charity worker, former miss universe, a dear friend, and so much more.

Roz always has several amazing projects on the go, from her food blog ‘Natural Born Feeder’, to writing her best-selling cookbooks, to creating ‘The Hike Life’ brand and community, to her amazingly successful podcast ‘Bite Back’.

The real question is, what hasn’t Roz done?

Most notably, Roz is currently one of the leading body positivity voices in the UK and Ireland today. Over the past number of years, she has used her platform to speak out about her food and body image struggles and educate people on both the physical and mental health impacts of toxic weight loss culture and eating disorder habits.

Your body isn’t just for show, it does a million things for you every single day that you take for granted and by punishing it or wanting another body is never going to make that relationship better. I tried every single diet fad, every quick fix out there and I never went, now I’m happy

Roz is consistently an inspiration for us. She is open, honest and raw about all her struggles and has helped 1000’s of people improve their relationships with food and exercise through her voice and platforms.

In this episode, Roz discusses:

  • Her incredible journey thus far, from growing up in Tipperary, to starting a modelling career and becoming miss universe, to her struggles with food and body image and her continued search for self-acceptance.
  • The reality of being in the public eye, behind scenes of having a social platform and trying to balance providing inspiration and realistic expectations online.
  • The struggles of being a female in today’s society.
  • The dangers within the fitness industry today.
  • What piece of advice she would give her younger self.
  • The importance of nature and hiking in her life and how it acts as her reset button.
  • Her and her family’s journey from beef farming to being predominantly plant based.
  • Her journey to understanding and healing her relationship with food.
  • How her definition of success has changed for better and she is now just taking it day by day.

We have known Roz for years and never got the chance to speak frankly with her like this, so we can’t wait to share this conversation with you.

We are super excited about this episode, it’s full of practical tips and takeaways and it’s an absolute cracker!

Roz Purcell

Big love,

Dave & Steve

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