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Sexual longevity – How do we keep going?

When Amy asked her mum at the age of 11, “mum what’s a virgin?”, her mother responded, “it’s someone who is not married”. Fast forward 20 years, Amy is now a trained and highly sought after Doctor in Sexual Health, Anti-Aging, and Regenerative Medicine in aesthetics and sexual optimisation.

Episode 2 – Dr Amy Killen

How did this week’s podcast guest go from a sexually repressive religious background to dedicating much of her life’s work to promoting a long and healthy sex life?

“Sexual health is more like a gateway to other underlying issues. When people come to me about their sexual health, it’s rarely an issue with their genitalia. It’s usually something else like hormonal problem, cardiovascular problem, stress, diet…”

After years of working on the medical ward, Amy soon began to see a rise in patience being more and more interested in their skin and their sex lives. So she took the plunge!

We talk stem cells, nitric oxide, PRP, hormone replacement, nutrition, fitness, how she deals with the topic sex and her own children… we cover it all!

A fascinating conversation! Enjoy!

Lots of Love,

Dave and Steve

To find out more about Amy and her work, check out her site www.dramykillen.com and instagram page @dr.amybkillen

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