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Why can’t we talk to our kids about sex?

“Sexual negativity is the lense most of us are born into…we are fed shame”, we are made think it should be a “secretive thing”, we allow judgment and scrutiny of others. 

Episode 3 – Dr. Kate Balestrieri

With this in mind, how are we equipped to speak to the younger generation about it – How can we be sure we are passing down a healthy relationship towards sex? The big question being; is our own inability to speak openly about sex pushing our children towards porn for their sex education?

This week we speak to the amazing Dr. Kate Balestrieri, a Licensed Psychologist, Certified Sex Therapist, Certified Sex Addiction Therapist, PACT Therapist, and Founder of Modern Intimacy.

Dr. Kate came into her practice through her involvement with sex offenders. She began to see a pattern amongst these offenders and the therapists allocated to them and felt she needed to delve deeper.

Her outlook is one of compassion, open-mindedness, and honesty. She gives many practical tips on nurturing a healthy sex life. We talk at length about so many things including safety, curiosity, and diversity. As she puts it; “humans are diverse so why would our sex lives be any different”

An insightful listen. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

Big Love,

Dave & Steve x

You can find out more about Dr. Kate from her IG @drkatebalestrieri and her podcast, Modern Intimacy.

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