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Despite feeling like clueless school kids throughout, this week’s episode was another reminder of just how grateful we are to host this podcast and that women’s issues are also men’s issues!

“One in four women leave their workplaces or go part time because they have lost confidence, so society does need to take note of menopause.”

Episode 4 – Dr. Shahzadi Harper

Dr Shahzadi Harper is a medical doctor with a holistic approach to women’s health and wellbeing. She is a leading light in the world of perimenopause & menopause and has recently co-authored and published a book called The Perimenopause Solution.

A forward-thinking and dynamic doctor with over 25 years of experience, Dr Shahzadi is passionate about advocating for positive change and a better understanding of perimenopause/menopause by optimising the way it is perceived. 

Dr Shahzadi believes that women from all backgrounds and ethnicities should feel empowered in life and that all men should be educated about how to support them.

Aside from societal ignorance, we talk libido, HRT, supplements, societal pressures and more…

An important conversation, that we hope will encourage you to also have more openly.

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Dave & Steve x

To find out more about Dr. Shahzadi; check out her instagram @drshahzadiharper @theharperclinic , her website https://theharperclinic.com/  and of course her new book: The Perimenopause Solution

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