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Men’s circles, intimacy, sex, relationships, masculinity, vulnerability, mental health, psychedelics, meditation and more… this week we talk to Dr. Darragh Stewart, an international wellness retreat facilitator, psychedelic speaker and Men’s Mentor.

Episode 7 – Dr. Darragh Stewart

“Men’s circles are about being seen and heard… being able to be vulnerable without the need for 10 to 15 pints. It is a beautiful space for growth and connection.”

Darragh Co-founded Inwardbound, one of the world’s first pioneering safe and legal psychedelic retreats in the Netherlands. He specialises in men’s sexuality and intimacy development, psychedelic science and spirituality. Thanks in part to his Molecular Genetics Ph.d. – Darragh’s main interest lies in bridging the gap between science and spirituality. 

Having held men’s circles, retreats and workshops in Ireland since 2018, Darragh has a grounded approach to exploring spirituality: creating safe spaces for people to go deep inwards and to connect to what resonates for them without dogma or judgement.

“When I went on my own personal journey there was only women in these kinds of spaces but now we are starting to see change… predominantly due to the increase in mental health issues seen amongst men”

An important conversation that we hope will inspire more men to open up, show their vulnerability and express themselves in their own authentic way.

Big love,

Dave & Steve x

You can find out more about Darragh from his IG @darstewy

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