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“Half of our population haven’t even considered getting more out of life, they just go along, going through the motions day to day and then they die, they don’t seem to have any cognitive desire for change or growth and to have a better life…”

Episode 4 – Cameron Herold

Cameron is the mastermind behind hundreds of company’s exponential growth and has earned his reputation as the business growth guru.  He has built a dynamic consultancy with clients that include a monarchy and a Big 4 wireless company.  

The author of 5 books, Cameron is also a top-rated international speaker, having spoken on all 7 continents. The founder of the COO Alliance, the World’s Leading Network for Seconds in Command, he’s also the host of the Second in Command: The Chief Behind the Chief podcast, where he interviews COOs and other seconds to share their insights with his listeners. 

Get your notepad and pen ready as this conversation will leave you planning, visualising and motivated to get the most out of this life and put your future into your own hands!

We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!

Big love,

Dave & Steve x

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To find out more about Cameron, check out his website https://cameronherold.com/

Produced by Sara Fawsitt and Sean Cahill