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“The problem is that we don’t connect history. We are taught about the industrial revolution, we are taught about slavery and cotton harvesting, but we are not taught to make the link. What is all this cotton being made for? The fashion industry!”

Episode 5 – Aja Barber

This week we had the pleasure of talking to writer, stylist and sustainable fashion advocate, Aja Barber. Who’s work builds heavily on ideas behind privilege, wealth inequality, racism, feminism, colonialism and how to fix the fashion industry.

Not an easy mission to say the least! Aja speaks with such grace, knowledge and wisdom, identifying the historical and current issues that are keeping us tied to the fast fashion industry.

An insightful episode, we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.

Big love,

Dave & Steve x

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To find out more about Aja and to support her work, check out her website https://www.ajabarber.com/

Or find her on Instagram @ajabarber

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