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“There was a time when I was craving the “In Finland, schools are teaching children how to understand and respond to fake news and misinformation is an important skill in life!”

Episode 7 – Guy Claxton

Do you struggle with concentration or learning new things? Do you find it easy focusing on hobbies and things you enjoy but can’t remember a single maths equation -or something you know you need to learn- but for some reason have a mental block doing so?

This week, we speak with Guy Claxton, an emeritus professor of the learning sciences at the University of Winchester and author. His main publications include Hare Brain, Tortoise Mind: Why Intelligence Increases When You Think Less.

Guy is a professional meditator, and deep thinker, having spent months in the presence of gurus, such as Osho. Guy has a very different approach to the education system. He focuses less on the syllabus and more on the environment and approach. We hope you find his perspective as refreshing as we did.

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Dave & Steve x

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To find out more about Guy and his work check out his website: https://www.guyclaxton.net/

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