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ella mills

Episode 6 – Ella Mills aka Deliciously Ella

This week’s episode is with the amazing Ella Mills.

Ella is the founder and driving force behind the brand Deliciously Ella. She is all about using her platform to share simple and delicious ways to feel better.

Starting from a personal blog, Deliciously Ella has evolved into so many things, from an app, to a deli, to a series of podcasts and even a hugely successful range of plant-based food products available all over the UK and now Ireland. Her story has a lot of similarities to ours, so it was so lovely to get the chance to sit down for a longer period of time with her.

Ella started everything back in 2012. She had previously been diagnosed with a number of serious health issues and following months in and out of hospital and numerous unsuccessful treatments, she started looking into other ways of managing her condition.

Encouraged by stories and research, she decided to turn to a whole food, plant-based diet and well, the rest is history. Ella is the picture of health today and hopes that sharing her journey can help others to follow in her footsteps.   She is now married to her wonderful husband, Matt, who is the CEO of Deliciously Ella and she is mother of 2 small daughters.

“Health is so simple. We can make it so complicated, but at the base of it is simplicity. That’s what I have been focusing on and I can’t tell you the difference it has made”

Ella is always so honest and lovely, and her passion really does shine through when she speaks, so we are so excited to share this lovely conversation with you!

In this episode, Ella takes us through:

  • The origins of Deliciously Ella and her unexpected journey to creating a business.
  • How she balances relationships and life in a family business.
  • Balancing ambition and contentment.
  • Her health journey, using food as medicine and discovering her online community.
  • What her definition of health is today.
  • How she balances public and private life.
  • Navigating social media today and staying mindful with content.
  • Keeping tabs on her relationship with technology.
  • Building a brand with herself at the centre.
  • How she defines success and what her ‘why’ is.
  • Her perspective on gratitude.

Ella is continually an inspiration for us – we always take an incredible amount from her and we really hope you find it great too!

ella mills

Big love,

Dave & Steve

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