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The taboos, intimacy, pornography, vulnerability, communication, monogamy, infidelity, pleasure, orgasms, erectile dysfunction and so much more…

Episode 2 – Great sex for life!

How can we fit so much into one episode you might wonder? Well, we did it again, we decided to make life easier for you by taking the best nuggets from our series on Sex, Pleasure and Relationships and we put it into one bite-sized episode for you!

This topic is fascinating! We all do it and yet we seem to only talk about it publicly when it comes to fertility. Despite the fact that 90% of sex is for pleasureDan Savage

So why is this? Why can’t we have good honest conversations without feeling the need to crack a joke or only talk top-level stuff?

And yet according to the Huffington Post, more people watch porn than they do Netflix, Amazon and Hulu combined.

With this kind of stats, you’d think we would be talking about sex all the time.

In this episode, we explore this lack of communication, we gain some great advice on how to improve our own sex lives, have orgasms, reduce erectile dysfunction and so much more…

A winning episode. Enjoy!

Lots of Love,

Dave & Steve x

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