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We have come to the end of our series of mash-up episodes, and what better way to go out with a bang than with an episode like this!
An incredibly important topic. That as a man I (Stephen here) am ashamed to say is not taken more seriously…

Episode 5 – Female Hormones

We have had a number of female health specialists on our podcast, from period pains, menopause, perimenopause to fertility. And what we found amazing is how complex it all is, and perhaps polarising?

Should you take the pill, should you not? Should you take HRT, should you not? Should you eat differently to a man? Should you exercise in the same way a man does? The list goes on…

There are many different opinions and the one thing we have come to the conclusion is that not all the information is made easily available to women so they can make informed choices for themselves… 

It also makes you wonder are we lacking in the full picture, why does women’s health bring up so many opposing opinions?

So today I would like to bring you on a journey, a journey all about hormones and women’s health and what we know from the studies that have been done. We have taken extracts from some of the female experts we have had to date on this podcast, and broken down the potential health risks, symptoms, natural remedies and medical interventions that could massively improve a female’s life and in some cases even prevent much more serious health risks. 

We hope that after listening to this episode, you, as a woman, can feel much more informed to make the right choices when it comes to hormones. Or to any men listening you gain a better understanding of what a female has to go through and can be better support for your mothers, sisters, daughters, friends and colleagues. This really is an episode for everyone!

And if you have any feedback for us please email in on [email protected]

Such an important topic, enjoy!

Lots of Love,

Dave & Steve x

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